Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Is South America in South Africa?

A while ago, a guy from South Africa heard that I was an artist---or pretends to be.  He contacts me and asks if I would be willing to do some artwork for a project that he was working on.  He said that he was hoping to market his project in American and South Africa!

"Woo Hoo," I think to myself.  "I can make lots of money if his product takes off in both places!"  You know---America and South Africa.

"Yes, yes," I exclaim.  "Why don't you come over to my house and we can discuss what kind of artwork you want me to do."

"Great!" he replies.  He sounds almost as excited as I am.

We make the appointment for the next day.  When he arrives, I am full of anticipation and excitement.  "Woo Hoo" I say under my breath, "I'm gonna makes lots of money."

He tells me what he has in mind and says he needs artwork depicting his country---South Africa.  He then asks, "Do you think you can do this?"
"Oh, yes!" I enthusiastically exclaim.

His eyes light up.

To confirm, I ask, "So you want me to draw "Azteck'y" symbols and stuff around the borders."

Long, awkward pause.

Puzzled, he looks at me and replies, "No . . . I'm thinking more along the lines of elephants, tigers, lions, etc."

I interrupt, "No, you want "Azteck'y" looking artwork . . . you know, like Azteck'y' drawings.

He says slowly, "Noooooo .. . I would like elephants, tigers and lions . . . you know, South African stuff."

I'm stumped.  I pause for a few moments, then blurt out, "Yah, like Azteck'y' stuff."

"No . . . like animals and stuff."

I can plainly see that we aren't on the same page (or continent as far as he is concerned).
We are both frustrated.  I can't believe that he doesn't want Azteck drawings for his native South Africa and he can't believe that I want to draw Azteck drawings for his native South Africa.

He leaves without signing me up to do his artwork.  "No lots of money for me." I cry.

When hubby gets home, he asks how the meeting went with the guy from South Africa.

I answer, "Can you believe that he didn't want Azteck'y' artwork to depict his homeland of South Africa?"

Hubby shakes his head.  I hear a couple of screws rattle around.  He then asks, "Just where is this guy from---South Africa or South America?"

I answer, "What's the difference?"

He shakes his head again.

"What?" I ask.

He tries to explain the difference---all of it is over my head.

Defending myself, I quip, "But, but, it's all so confusing.  Both those names start with the same letters . . . S and A.  I get 'em mixed up.  Besides, I thought South Africa was in South America . . . or . . . the other way around---I can't remember."


"It's an easy mistake." Still pleading my case.

"Not really."  Hubby frowns.

Lesson Learned:  Next time, offer to draw Azteck'y' stuff AND safari animals.